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Awesome food!

By Zak

Aunthentic Brazilian BBQ! Had an awesome experience there last week, food was delicious and caipirinha was even better! It’s hard to find a good caipirinha outside of Brazil but they nailed it!

By Vanessa Nunes Abraham

The whole experience was absolutely incredible. It was the first time with family and we enjoyed everything; food was super good, service excellent, and great concepts ( like the green/red light on the table to show the waiters if ready for more). Definitely suggest this place. Hope I can go again soon

By Elvio Sinopoli

Great food and very friendly staff, def coming back with the hope that new sausage will be added as My family don't like chorizo much. Caipirinha was delicious. For new bees don't eat too much chips and bread to leave space for the delicious meat. So much to eat!!! So grateful to have you guys in Adelaide. Thank you!

By Samara Samara

A very unique eating experience. All you can eat bbq! Lovely service, great food and plenty of it. I really enjoyed it!

By K vB

Great selection of meats in authentic Brazilian churrascov. My favourites were the beef rump cap, leg of lamb and pork loin...

By Suan Yeo

Ate here recently and the place is excellent, its a unique dining experience you should try at least once...

By Jimmy TheBoarHunter